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Feeding question


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I've heard and read differing opinions on how much and how often Malawi cichlids should be fed. Feeding them a little bit 3 or four times a day keeps them full and a little sluggish so if bullying and harrassment are problems in the tank then this will help.

But then you hear other advice that says the food that they typically receive in a tank is much higher in nutrient content than what they would ordinarily receive in the wild and they should only be fed once every couple of days.

Is there a general consensus or does everyone just make it up as they go?

I was also wondering whether it was a good idea to feed them a variety of two or three different types of food either at the same time or alternatively a different variety at each feed or is it better to just give them the one variety and change it around every time you run out.

If it makes a difference, I have 3 Electric Yellows and 3 Pulu Point Zebs (all less than 7cm) and in a 2ft tank.

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My opinion only.

I feed once a day for about a minute, or maybe 2 x 30 second hits.

They get granuals(New Life spectrum mixed with Tetra colour bits) one day, flake the next(OSI Cichlid flake).

Once a week they'll get frozen or fresh food.

Once a fortnight they get nothing.

They are 95% Peacocks/Haps with only a few Mbuna(3 in my display tank).


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I feed my fish the fish in my 4' tank's every 2 days. I give them just enough to take them about 2 minutes to consume it. I used to feed them everyday but I started getting a very fat male BN as he was finishing all of the left over food, I was also getting a nitrate and algea build up even though both tanks are heavily filtered.

I feed them frozen Brine 1 a week and alternate between pellets (Nutrafin) and flakes(Wardley). The little ones (in a small tank) I feed every day but due to the small amount of food they require. I am looking to change the food that I use to different brands, but have not decided what yet.


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I feed display and breeder tanks twice a day.

Fry tanks get fed tiny amounts up to ten times a day.

Appropriate food for the various diets, that the fish can consume in a couple of minutes.

They get a variety according to their individual needs of pellets & flake supplemented by home made blocks and fresh vegetables.

Once a week they are fasted, normally on water change day.

Also feed at lights out for my special array of cats.


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