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suggestions on what to get...


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heya peoples! i'm pretty new here and am looking into setting my tanks up again after a long break.

the first tank i'l be setting up is a 4X2X2. i had originally decided on going for a malawi settup, but now i'm back to re-thinking the idea just thru reading all the posts on the forum. so my options are malawi, tanj, or americans...

fish i like are:

Malawi and others: Electric Yellows, Cytocara moori, Pseudotropheus elongatus, C. borleyi, Protemalis stevini, Salousi, A. stuartgranti, Cobalt Blue Zebra and Placidochromus electra.

Tanjs: Cyprihromis, Trets, leleupi, Black Bemba Princess, Occy's, Enantiopus melanogenys, Featherfins, Multis, N. brevis, Fronties, and Tropheus.

Americans and others: Oscars, Rivulatus, Neets, Firemouths, Red Humps, Salvini, Parrots, Texas, Geophagus surinamensis, Uaru spp., juruparis.

now, i know, thats a huge list!! its kinda more of a dream list in reality, but its a starting point. I havent been keeping fish for qa couple of years but before that i had kept fish for 13 years with experience with cichlids from both the african rift lakes and america. i think ultimately what i am looking for in this tank is a general community (could b a community of one or two species??) with fish that will keep reasonably active, with territorial and courting displays. and a community where fish will in theory be able to breed and coexist in relative harmony.

so if you feel up to it, go sick and list possible combinations of fish, add to the lists if you feel too. sorry i'm just out of thoughts because i cant make up my mind! AAAH! hehehe


also, what filtration will i need? ie what actual filtration units will adequately filter the tank. also i will want to be going a relatively cheap alternative, but of course that will do an adequate job.

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Hey mate. Everyone likes different stuff but this is what i would get (remember i only keep tangs so i am a bit biased biggrin.gif ):

Nice canister filter (eg. Eheim, Fluval...)

10 or more Leptosoma (Kitumba, Malasa or those bumblebee ones)

Around 4 or so Enantiopus Melanogenys

Some shellies (Any brevis, neo multis or occies(but best to just have one species!)

And some catys (Synodontis Multipuntatus, S. Eupterous, (S. Angelicus if ur rich!)

But like i said i only keep tangs !!!


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