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confused about breeding?


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Hi all!,

I am not new to bettas (these were the first fish i started breeding). I did for a few months get out of the bettas and now have gotten back into them. My prob is they do not seem to want to breed. I have 2 pairs the males and females in both pairs are of close to the same colour (i read somewhere this helped the breeding process). Anyway they do not seem to want to breed. I have had each pair in seperate containers side by side and when the male has blown alot of bubbles i put them into a small tank together and then nothing??? huh.gif

what am i doing wrong?

Can anyone make any suggestions please.


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Mate I found fattening up both fish very important when trying to breed these fish.

I would suggest separating them and feeding them a diet of bloodworm and brine shrimp, and feed a little more regularly than usual. then let the male get established in the tank and after a couple if days, float the female in the tank for an additional two days and then release her.

hope that helps


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Feeding them really well on lives foods should help. Also try droping the temp and then raising the temp again, they tend feel like breeding when temp gets warmer.

Or maybe the pair aren't right for each other, try replacing the male or female and see of there are any interest, then take each out of each others veiw, feed well and then re-introduce.

Kat (",)

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simply raising the temp to 29-30 Oc should work. How long do you leave them together for? somtimes the process can take a week and sometimes only an hour (sorry if i'm telling you info you already know).

Anthony cool.gif

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Food, Food, Food !!! As bettas still have not learnd to eat flake, or even the hyper expensive "betta foods", live food is the secret. You may be able to keep your fighters alive on prepared foods but to get them in breeding nick fast needs live food. But the they are such lazey hunters that the food has to float right past their nose before the will pig out.

Daphnia, that is ifffy unless you are real experienced

Black worm, can be expensive unless you ca work a deal

Mozzies, Free if you can hide them from your neighbours and suffer the bites in the fish room.

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The male and female really should be exposed to each other's pheromones in the breeding tank, to get them in the mood. The technique I use is to cut the bottom off a soft drink bottle and put that around the female. Then they are sharing the same water, but she can't jump out and get beat up if he's not feeling amorous, and he can flare at her all he wants until she fills with eggs and bars up, without being able to attack her.

I agree re the feeding up - but mine eat anything! Flake, frozen, pellets, and whatever I can catch in my pond wink.gif . The idea is to maximise the protein. I'd suggest mozzie larva, frozen blood worm and tetra bits (even discus eat them).

sometimes if he won't build a bubble nest, spoon some out of another betta's tank (does anybody have just one!!??) and put that in with them.

Give him a half a styrofoam cup to build the nest under, too.

oh! and I like to let the tank get all skanky and full of java moss and stuff, for shelter and to remove ammonia and to give the fry infusoria to eat once they're born.



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