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would 4 tropheus duboisi maswa go with transcriptu


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hey guys......

i have 6 frontosas about 4 to 5cm and also i have 6 transcriptus gombies about 3 to 4 cm,, i was thinking

can i add another 4 tropheus duboisi maswa with them ????

will they turn aggressive or will any fish kill the other ????

the tank is 3 foot and it's will filtered.....

alot of caves.....

thx in adv

c ya

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Mark's right - it does pay to look around.

While I think it could be done it is not something I would recommend. IME Tropheus should be kept in species tanks.

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man i dont believe my eyes. you have 6 fronnies and 6 gombies in a 3ft tank and you want to put 4 tropheus in as well.? wake up dude.!!! do the maswa and the seller a huge favour and leave them in peace. after all the drama youve just had you want tropheus?? reaserch dude 10X more reaserch.


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