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Frontosa Gill Plates

The cichlid Man

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Hi all,

I was just wondering if a frontosa Gill plate is damaged will it repair itself or do you need to cut off the excess and hope it grows back.

My cousin has a 6 bar juvinile and it was attacked by a livingstonii and its gill plate is flared outand half of it has come of at the top.

Any help is appreciated


Ben thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

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Guest big bad burundi

It wont grow back ben best you can do is isolate the fish see how much repairs itself.

Good luck

I have female with only one gill plate she holds fine . wink.gif

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Ben -

These things dont normally regrow. But assuming it does not lead to further health problems from infection your fish should be fine.

If you see signs of fungus I'd recommend malachite green and some rock salt to promote healing and reduce the osmotic stress on the fish.


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