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How do I keep baby N. brichardi alive?


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Hi Guys,

Long time no chat rolleyes.gif Went on a little holiday and came back to a closed Sydney Cichlid site! Oh Dear, was the first impression. Still trying to navigate my way through this one. Took a while to find you guys, glad gianniz and a few regulars are online.

Anyway, enough of the babble huh.gif Came home this afternoon to baby albino N. brichardi. Very cute, very tiny!! What to do??

Picture: 4x2x2 tank with 14 other tank mates. I sectioned off the corner using egg shell grates covered with mesh, leaving both mum and dad and babies together. Added water from this tank to new tank and picked up the shell with the babies and let go into new tank. New tank was just cycling ( emergency tank ). I have left about 15 babies with mum and dad in the sectioned off part of the tank. Mum seems to be nipping at the babies and I think I saw her swallow one.

What are the chances of survival for the ones with the parents and the ones doing it on their own??

Any info would be appreciated!!

A big hello to everyone, have missed you all wink.gif


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when u sectioned off the parents with the mesh and eggcrate, could the fry fit through?

If they couldnt why did u remove them straight away? not saying your wrong, just saying that i find they grow faster with parents and is a whole lot easier than setting up a tank and moving them etc.

Well, now they are on their own, u can feed them microworms which work very effectivley and gets them off to a good start. I have all my fry in with the parents and do not pay the fry any "special" attention, i just crush the flake to a powder and feed them microworms. They seem to grow fine on this and also grow fine on the powder alone.

Anyway, HTH


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Hi Lee,

Thankyou for your reply!! I guess first instinct was to remove them as the N. sex, N. trets and the Alto comp were circling. I couldnt help but leave quite a few with the parents because they are incredibly tiny. They are however free swimming ( no sacks) so I was hedging my bets.

I agree totally that left with the parents they grow much faster, as I have had this with my lionheads.

It was only after I removed about 30 in the shell they bred in that I tried to section the parents off with the other fry.

Fingers crossed, 12 hours later and all going strong thumbsupsmileyanim.gif



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Hi leonie23,

My albino brichardis are in a tank by themselves and have always eaten the fry. After a few days there are a few less and so on till they are all gone ohmy.gif I remove mine now (the parents - they are easier to catch) and raise the fry separately - they have been given several chances to do it right but persist in munching out. Feed them microworms, but they will pick up finely crushed flake too.



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