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Thought it might be an idea to ask what references underwater gardeners are reading. I'll kick things off with a few I've own, and have found to be very informative:

Nature Aquarium World 1 & Aquarium Plant Paradise (Takashi Amano)

Good inspiration books, but a bit light-on on details, especially Nature Aquarium World

Aquarium Plants Manual: Expert Advice on Selection, Planting, Care, and Propagation (Ines Scheurmann)

Good reference, not that detail, but very affordable

Ecology of the Planted Aquarium (Diana Walstad)

Good pseudo-scientific book on how and why things work in a planted aquarium; don't agree with everything, and some arguements are a bit far fetched, but a good start, and highly recommended

Aquarium Plants (Christel Kasselmann)

Great plant book, with fantastic details. Must have for the enthusiast, although not cheap (I think I paid A$130 for it delivered from the US), and once of the most thorough plant books I've ever come across

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Ditto... well basically just i havent read the last one. I personally think that Amano's books are awesome. The other are also a great read though.

PHL can i see some pics of your tanks please?


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I'll try and get some photos, and post them; which is a good site to store the photos?

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