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What Disease?


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I have a male black calvus that seems to develop some almost white pimples just between its belly and a bottom fin. They are clustered together and the pimples do not appear any where else. They appear to be pinkish/white. It does not look like white spot to me. But then again I am new to calvus so I may be wrong. However, it does not appear to effect the male calvus' health as it is still swimming around and eating. All the other fish inhabitants remain healthy and show no signs of disease

I noticed earlier (before the pimples developed) that the female calvus would sometimes bite this area to fend off the male from harrassing her. Is it possible that this area may have become infected?

Does anyone have any idea what I may be talking about and any suggestions at all I can do to 'treat' it?

Thanks, blush.gifblush.gif


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Hey Huyey, while I cant really tell you what the problem is with your fish I can recomend treating your tank with melafix. This is a gerneral purpose medication that is good for external problems like scratchs, bite marks etc. It doesn't affect your filters at all. Just follow the instructions on the bottle.

Good luck with the fish mate. Someone may know better yet though!!!

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