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sludge/slime/algae problem


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a family friend of mine told me of a problem they were having with algae i'm a bit stumped and would like some oppinions on the cause.

the tank is an aquaone 850 (3foot onepeice tank with built in filter and lighting)

with about 14 small sized inhabitants including 2 bristlenose cats.

temp 27-30, pH 7.8.

on my advice they have carried out weekly 25% waterchanges since they have had the tank in march. the tank is usually very clear and the fish seem healthy enough(they eat well etc.) but recently they have been fighting a loosing battle with this olive brown coloured slimy algae which blocks the spray bar and has also covered they substrate in a thick layer of sludge.

their tank is not in direct sunlight and they do not use lighting excessively.

they use aged water for all water changes and condition their water with aquaplus

any ideas guys?

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Hi Owen,

It's more effective to clean up the sludgey, slimy brown gunk. Don't think it would work on green aquarium algae. It is used in many industries including pig farming and aquaculture. Pet Magic had it when I was last there a few years ago, but if you can't find an LFS with it, try agricultural suppliers.

merjo smile.gif

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my friends say they clean up the sludge all the time and it is back almost instantly

i have advised them to include a powerhead to help with filtration. they are deciding whether or not to strip the tank down and start again.

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