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Worst fish keeping experience


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After having a good night with the fellas friday night i came home the next morning only to find my 2 female electric yellows that were holding and my Electric blue females and some pseudotropheus saulosi were dead with the male blue not to far off it. So i put the elctric blue male in another seperate tank and took the dead fish out then treated my tank with geoliquid and have now had no more trouble with the tank but sadly my electric blue male did not make it and passed away this morning. This really gets you down sad.gif about the fish keeping business and makes you really think is it worth it all. The thing i did not get was that the temperature was right the water was good and all so what went wrong. Probably just a desease or something like that. The hardest thing now will be finding another little coloney of breeding blues and gettin some yellows that were like mine.

Anyway catcha later and hope ypur fish collection does not get struck. It all happened so quickly.

Cheers Meredith

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Just wondering what you were treating for by adding geoliquid?

Did you test for ammonia, nitrites and nitrates? If I recall, your tank is new and sounds like it was heavily stocked. Perhaps the tank isn't properly cycled.

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Ok a couple of things you can try to remember for next time.

* Nothing treats everything, or fixes every problem.

You will notice that most times on the forums when somebody says "Hey my fish died, why" or "whats wrong in my tank" the standard response is to prompt the person to provide as much detailed information as possible on water conditions, tankmates, filtration etc etc. This is because there is no wonder cure unfortunately.

*It is not healthy to treat something which is not diagnosed, or to treat 'just in case'

Most times medications have negative effects on your tank in general and the healthy bacteria keeping it going. As well as sometimes really kicking the crud out of a fishes internal organs (usually liver/kidneys are effected somewhat) So to just add a chemical to your tank which could easily cause a full tank to destablise and alot of casualtys is kind of playing Russian Roulette with your fish. The only reason you add medication IMO is that the diagnosed condition is more damageing than the possible effects of a term of treatment.

*Geoliquid is not a medication.

As far as I am aware, nothing in geoliquid is even close to having any medicative properties. From what I understand it is essentially a water conditioner/stress coat as well as some kind of flocculant to clear up hazy water. It can be used to treat split fins and to quickly negate an ammonia spike, but I don't think it contains any antibiotic or parasite killing super ingredient.

It totally sucks what has happened to you, but my entire time in the hobby has been a huge and continuous learning experience. I still feel like I can learn something from someone who bought their first tank yesterday, much the same as I think I have plenty to share with other experienced hobbyests and newbs alike. The key is to stick with it, keep an open mind (there is never a simple black and white answer in this hobby IMO), keep learning, and above all, keep enjoying the hobby. If you keep enjoying yourself and your knowledge base keeps building you will find the hobby to be most rewarding thumb.gif

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hi meredith

that is a load of bad luck matey, BUT [forgive me if you think i'm harsh] don't put your faith in the product, thinking that it will cover all the little problems that will happen. yes you added some to the tank and 'hey presto, alls good' what happened was the initial dose ran out of puff, wastes began to build up and 'bingo'

you've got problems.if you use the product in conjuntion with water changes, yes it works. but the main cure/effect is a simple water change. you can't just keep adding 'soup' to the tank in blind faith.

as others have said, i'm also sure you've had a spike [the timing seems about right] get a couple of test kits, nitrate first and keep a track on the water quality

do small water changes on a weekly basis and only basic service on the filter as needed.

did you add any other product to the tank eg, ph, hardness buffers or salts?

if you can tell us the water paremeters, we will have more of an idea on how to help pull you through this drama, we all know where your comming from, becuase a lot of us have been there done that[some even bought the tee shirt] you maybe dissalutioned at the moment but that can be turned around.

HTH regards; Colin

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OK...please go out and invest the money you are wasting on Geo-Liquid, by buying some test Kits.

Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate...or at least the Ammonia.

As Ducky & Col have said...there is no "Magik Cure". Get interested in learning why things happen/work...rather than just crossing your fingers and hoping it will be OK.

The hobby is very rewarding when you do the basic things properly...and very distressing when you don't.

Look at this as a learning experience and move forward...you will get to enjoy the fish, just remember that the Cichlids live for many years and there is no rush when setting up a tank. wink.gif


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Yes Yes... Move on, We all learn from mistakes.


Nearly all of us have mad mistakes, but look where they are now, doesent mean if some fish died that you have to think, is this fish business still worth it .... thats nonsense no2.gif , But i have to admit, you do feel really down when fish die, especially a colony


But we have to move on..... rolleyes.gifsmile.gif

Cheers smile.gif

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Sorry for your loss but this will get you feeling much better

I lost my entire fish in over a week with some stupid disease that I picked up from a bloody feeder goldfish!!

I lost


-5 full grown peppermint bristlenose (which by the way females had eggs in the body!)

-2 ghost knife

-and few other expensive fish sad.gif

lessons is NOT TO BUY FEEDERS!!! EVER!

anyway dude you can restock yours easily so cheer up and get back into it smile.gif if you need Eyellows my mate has tank full of BIG ONES but his in sydney!

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Hi Guys,

I would buy an Ammonia test kit or a seachem ammonia alert. The ammonia alert picks up on ammonia as soon as it starts becoming a problem. I wouldnt buy a nitrate or nitrite test kit as when the ammonia alert picks up the presence of ammonia you just do a water change to stop the ammonia cycle.

The ammonia cycle is the first phase before moving into nitrate or nitrite stages. If it gets to the nitrite,nitrate phase expect the worst case scenario. LOTS OF DEATH

I would look at a few things with your tank.

1. The temprature of the water should be between 24-28 with a stocked tank remember fish are going to gasp if the oxygen starts runnning low. So my point here is this Do I have enough airation in my tank?

2. Is there any uneaten food in the tank to start the ammonia cycle happening(uneaten food starts this cycle very quickly if not watched)

3. Is there a fish picking on other fish?

4. Have you got too many fish for the tank size?

5. If it is a new tank you could have new tank syndrom where there is not enough good bacteria to cope with the amount of new fish waste and uneaten food.

(hint new tank add a few fish to start the bacteria cycle then add more fish after a week by this stage the system is up and running and can handle more fish. I use goldfish too start my bacteria cycle. Cheap to replace goldfish if there is a problem . thumb.gif

I have been in this hobby for a long while now the worst loss I have had is a 5 ft tank stand decided it didnt like holding a tank anymore. It happened on Xmas day 2 years ago. I was just lucky as 1 hour before it let go there was someone sleeping in the room on a mattress. I had glass,water,heaters,filters,stand,sand rocks everywhere. I had a tank of rare fish in there aswell I lost only 3 of the 10 but at $70 each they were the first thinks to be rescued after turning the power off.

It's a great hobby I have had big losses on a few things (eg new diseases) but I always bounce back. Very rare do I loss anything now I think it is just trial and error.

You are always going to lose fish at some stage in this hobby the challenge is to be a step ahead of any problems to avoid any losses.

If in doubt ask someone with abit of knowledge they may see something you dont or point you in the right direction.

We have all been in your situation it is sad but life goes on and you will bounce back.

My high's from this hobby is Winning the NSWCS Breeder's Award Challenge Twice and winning the NSWCS Open Show with a little Apistogramma cacatoides.

And finally breeding 100 diffrent species.

Hope everything works out for you all the best with your tank and the new fish your going too get.

cheers thumb.gif

Brett woot.gif

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Hey all

Thanks for all the advice and yes i am goin to deffinatley buy an ammonia test kit and keep learning bout these things and hope in the future it dont happen agian but thanks again. It is all under control now with no more fish dieing and stuff like that and the hardest thing will be finding electric blue colony again i looked ages for these and in the end had to travel to stdney for them i think i might have to do it again WHEN i find elec blues hey. Thanks all for the help.

Cheers Meredith

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