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QLD'er New to Cichlids


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Hi. I have a 3 ft community (no cichlids), so i am not a complete newbie. However i just purchased a 220L 4ft'er and am looking at getting a ciclhlid only setup.

I am diy'ing a sump (almost finished).

I am diy'ing a background (1/2 finished) @ http://www.duboisi.com/diy/BNdiygrotto/bndiygrotto.htm

Now, i need to have an idea of what fish to go for !!! I need something that will not outgrow my tank and is relatively peaceful. Any ideas ???

As for substrate, I am holding of till i know what fish i will get, as to compelement/enjance their colours. I will be buffering using crushed coral in the sump.

Thanks for all suggestions


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Well, how i went about making it:

@ Bunnings:

Some length of i think it's 100mm squarePVC down pipe (I managed to get mine cheap!)

Aquarium Safe Silicone

Bostic Black Glazing Silicone (it say not under waterline, however I was told by a tank builder that it is safe)

@ Rock Shop

I got 15kg of golf ball sized scorcia for $15.

@ Found for free


Than used jigsaw to cut the back off the downpipe.

Cut holes using the a holer bit

Used silicone to attach the styrene to the back to limit cave movement (he used guttering stuff)..

The black silicone was used for the rock attachment (i didn't want any white pvc showing..

Not only do you have a gr8 cave background for your fish, but u with some planning can hide all your pumbing !


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