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dither fish


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so far i have managed to breed black belts (7" & 10"F) in 2' of a 3' tank and jags (8") in 1' of a 6x2x14" - which seems to go against all the info that i have been able to get. everyone will tell you and all reports say that is just not big enough for such aggressive fish - especially in breeding mode. blink.gif

which brings me to my point - in both situations i had a glass divider with another fish on the other side to attract some aggression (a dither fish i believe their called - although i think this is when the fish is actually accessible). in the blackbelts case it was the female jag on the other side and with the jags it was a 10" male rd and a 5" male salvini (i think - still not sure about my salvini). blush.gif

is this a common occurance - has anyone else had a similar experience and, my big question - does a common threat to the pair promote romance between them?? wub.gif

hope i'm not getting overly deep here... thanks tongue.gif

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