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i'm going up to coffs harbour


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yeah , i've finally got a week off to take a trip up to coffs i'll be concentrating on fishing mostly but as always i am looking to find a good bargain etc.

so does anyone know of any decent lfs's up there? or anyone live that way who wouldn't mind hanging out for a day?

i'll be staying at bellingen with a friend of mine who sadly will be working during the day times, so as i said i will be fishing and checking out the sites most of the time and would probably get lost less with some help!

if you like fishing even better!!

thanks in advance


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hi there

about the only good one is in woolgoolga bout 20 ks north of coffs called "just fish".just be wary once you get in there the owner steve will talk your ears off.

he would have the best range of cichlids in the area.the only other shop any good is the discount pet wharehouse in the homebase centre on the north side of coffs.lots of tanks but mainly peacefuls.to get to the one in woopi go from coffs north on the highway till you get to woopi(woolgoolga)take first right follow to t intersection turn right then go to centre of town,just before the islands in middle of road turn right and staight away turn left .on the right there is an arcade with a friut shop and video shop at the front just walk between these and you will see it.anyway i live in grafton 80ks north of coffs and when we go south thats where we go .hth

iain & mell

ps if you go to just fish in woopi can you tell us what you thought. thanks

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thanks guys i was beginning to give up on a reply.

rdman yeah they have had babies, heaps and heaps of them! i opted for the pipe instead of the cigar! have you had any experience with 'arm' i want to get a design of mine looked at...maybe i will also come back with some artwork. but it might have to be on the last day as i don't like my chances casting my rod with a freshly done back peice.

yowie05 thanks for the info guys i'll be swinging past there!

if i remember i will let you know!

hey does anyone know of any good fishing spots around coffs or even closer to bellingen?

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