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Canister Vs Internal.


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My tank has a nitrite spike or stuck there and not going to further cycle stages sad.gif

Tank is close to month old now.

Its a 6x2x2 with a cf1200.

(Tested aquaones cf1200 model and only does 700LPH with my current setting)

So I will have to do with a new internal filter + existing canister. Thinking of getting a RIO 2100 $105 or a Otto 2100 for special of $60 from local aquarium.

Im leaning towards the RIO as it seems to have normal type of media and compartments by the looks of images.

Any one know how effective internal filters are?

Say a Aquaone canister doing max of 700 LPH vs a internal filter doing 2100 LPH.

Who would filter and keep a better bio load? The aquaone with 4 x 3 big trays of media or a internal filter with 3 cup size looking media cups.

Hope my question makes sense.


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I have a Standard 6 foot tank and use both a canister (ViaAqua 650 supposedly 1000 lt/hr) and an internal filter (Atman AT F104 2000lt/hr), and a sponge filter since I've got some extra air. The internal I use mainly for mechanical and the canister is for the biological filtration. This works really well for me, I just clean out the internal weekly and your water will stay clean longer, this also saves your from having to open up your caister every four weeks or so to clean it. My point is you cant have to much filtration.

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i dont think an extra filter will solve your problem, you seem to be in the middle of cycling the tank , you have enough bacteria and the right sort to turn ammonia into nitrite, in due course the second lot of bacteria will develop and turn the nitrite into nitrate,be patient

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