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Fish Getting itch after waterchange


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hi guys,

i have noticed after i did a 20% waterchange on my 2 ft my fish started getting itch but before the waterchange they didint.

Can i use normal house salt? my freind did it worked but i dunno if i should?

or should i use some other medication?

Cheers Daniel

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raise the temp to about 28deg, have plenty of eration & add non-iodised salt. The regular table salt has extra stuff in it, you want pure rock salt.

If you didn't warm up your waterchange water, it could have brought on the ich

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Are you sure it is "Ich"??

There is a good chance that something like Allum has been added to the water supply for the summer period. So rather than treating the tank for Ich...observe them for a little while.

Also you might wanna get a water conditioner that will elliminate those potential problems for your next water change.

If it is Ich tho, that article supplied to you is excelent.


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Hi Maz

well they are constantly rubbing them selves on the rocks every like 5 minutes.

It has settled down a bit now but some still have it...

Cheers Daniel'

edit - its ich lol, i go mixed up with ich and itch

*Bangs head onto wall*

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What you are describing is known as "flashing". The fish rub themselves on rocks or the substrate as thought they were "itchy". Ich - by contrast - is a fungal disease.

Flashing is common where there has been a significant change in the pH of the water. This can often occur during water changes. You should check your pH and water hardness before and after water changes and try to minimise the variation.

My fish "flash" from time to time but it never seems to worry them.


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