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Help! Moving House


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On the weekend i am moving house. I planned on seting up my 2 x 14 x 20 at the new house and then shifting the fish into that temporarily while i setup my 6ft and 3.5ft tank at the other end. But i now only have a space of 2 days to setup a tank and move the fish. This means i have to try and setup a tank from scratch, cycled and running like a 6 month old tank blink.gif .

What i plan to do is:

- Shift the oversize 2ft to the new house

- Empty the 3.5ft and use the water out of there (about 50lrs)

- Use the small cannister filter from the 3.5ft on the 2ft (cannister does about 650 lph)

- Use the gravel from the 3.5ft

- And hopefully a week down the track there is enough good bacteria to prevent any spikes

I have no clue how i'm going to shift 50lrs of water, without buying a 50lr container that will be very expencive. Do people think this will work?? There are 3 15cm plecos and 16 faoi (4.5cm) to be housed in the oversized 2ft temporarily for 2-3 weeks. Is 50lrs enough for it to keep it stable? Tank holds 80lrs i think.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated. It is deffinately a hard problem to solve. I don't want to kill any of these fish sad.gif. Either i do what i have mentioned or try and setup the 3.5ft tank in the 2 days, but it would be like the equivilent of a 80% water change plus all the disturbance of the moving. If i do what i said with the oversize 2ft it would be the equivelant of about a 40-50% water change, but it is a small tank.

Anthony. K

PS: I hope people can make sence of this post blush.gif

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Go to your nearest bargain shop and buy a couple of big containers. They only cost a few dollars each, and will deffinately come in handy in the future. Then you can move 100-150+litres easy, and maybe setup the 3.5 instead of the 2. Keep in mind it's generally no problem to leave 20 or so litres left in the bottom of your tanks while moving them, assuming they travel on a nice flat surface.

Other thing to do is keep and move all your bacteria, simply put it in one of the containers of water, as long as you don't get too much of a temp drop most of it will survive IME. That way you can set up atleast one tank(possibly 2) and not have to worry about cycling spikes.

Also, don't be too worried about the big water changes.....especially if it's a nice worm day. I regularly do 50% changes with water straight from the tap(dechlorinator added of course) with no ill effects.

BTW, what's an "oversize 2fter" ?? My 2ft tank has the same diamensions as yours and it's just a standard 2fter as far as i'm aware......well it's the same size as 90% of 2fters i see in shops...... blink.gif

And whats with all this "2 days" bussiness? I reckon i could set up a 2ft tank in under an hour no problems...... dry.gif

Good luck thumb.gif

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Why dont you just get some of those 120L plastic containers from Bunnings ($20), same as what subgirl said, half fill them with tank water and move your fish in them too. When you get to your new house , fill the rest of the container up to about 80L (this is exactly the same as a 25% water change) pop the filters in and let them live in the containers until you set up your tanks. In the end each container is like a 2 footer (about 80l).

Its not really a big deal, your lucky that you ony have 3 tanks to move. You can dissassemble and set up in a day, no troubles.


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hey ant!

When i moved house just recently, i borrowed a heap of big plastic storage drums (well they were 25L each, and i got 10 of them) and that way i got at least 60% water from each of the tanks.

i'd net the fish, drain the tank, rush everything to the new house, put in the water i had (around the 60-80% mark) and get the fish back in there. i didn't add fresh water for another half a day just to give the fish a chance to deal with it.

just my way that i did it. didn't lose a fish.

good luck with it mate.

cheers grace.

p.s. it helps if uou have a mate like Alex to help you out with everything!

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I just moved 14 tanks to the new house this weekend - and the fish where mainly alto`s and cyprichromis. I did what Grace did and got great results.

I suggest buying some cheap water storage containers, and filling with as much water as you can carry. Add some new water the same day about 20%. If the tanks are not full (mine are currently only about 50% full) slowly add the water over the next week or so. The filters were all fine and I even had a fish spawn the next day!!

If you are planning to bag the fish remember you`ll also get some water there. Also if you are setting up a new tank take some of the media from an existing filter, I do this every time I set up a new tank and have never had any problems.

Good luck, I know it is a stressful time even more so when you have fish.


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Our standard 2ft tanks are 2ft x 12 x 12 (adelaide), mine is 2ft x 14 x 20 (closer to 100 lrs actually). I'm going to just move the 3.5ft and not bother about the 2ft. It is only a 15 minute drive to the new house so i have that working for me. Went to bunnings today and saw some 25lr water containers (pitty they dont have 50lr containers). I'm going to buy 2 of them and do 2 trips and get atleast 100lrs of water.


Anthony cool.gif

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G'day Ant

Deep breath mate.

I will rehash a little of what has been said. but if you do the following you should have no problems.

Move the 100 liters that you are talking about.

Move all of your current filtration.

Move all of your substrate/gravel.

Only fill the tanks upto the equivalent of a 50% waterchange (In the new tank).

PS. I have moved over 30 tanks recently, using this method. My travelling time between addresses was 3 hours. 15 minutes I wish woot.gif


cya Matthew...

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