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Blue Rams stopped breeding.


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I have a pair of Blue Rams (local bred) in a 2ft tank, plants, wood, and all the food they could ever want. I got them in February this year and 1 week after going in their new tank they laid their first eggs. Every month since, we have had batch but about 3 months ago they stopped. I've tried various things- extra water changes, more frozen foods, less frozen foods, added new wood, added extra plants for more coverage (then cleaned out a bucket full of water wisteria 2 weeks later!)

Any ideas? Should I split them up and give each a new mate?

Cheers, Cassandra

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Hi Cassandra..

Ive had the same problem with my rams. They spawned twice in my 2fter and ate their own egggs. Now for about three months they havent spawnd..

Im very new to breeding fish but i think my female might be to big and just got sick of her toyboy.

Did your Rams eat their eggs at first??

Sorry couldnt help.. Jesse blush.gif

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Cassandra and Jesse,

If both of your pairs have stopped over the last few months, perhaps it is related to the season (even though it is spring)? Just give them a bit of time and see what happens ....... and maybe some nice mood music LOL.gif


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Hi Guys -

If I had to pick a "worst" species for relative new folk to the hobby. I'd pick rams.

Most blue rams bought from your LFS's come from Singapore (where they are raised in ponds with antibiotics). They have little or no inate immunity to most diseases encountered in tanks and often die without rhyme or reason. Even locally bred stock seems prone to disease (not sure why here - perhaps theres some genetic lack of immunity ((speculation)) ).

Here's my advice - sell you rams and get yourselves either Nanacara anomala or bolivian rams. Both are excellent species to watch, though more subtely coloured than P. ramirezi, and breed without the hassles associated with BRams.

As to why they arent breeding - be thankful they are still alive wink.gif - you're doing well :D!

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