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what to put in my tank?

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hi guys... i need some opinions smile.gif

i currently have:

2 juli corys

2albino l/f corys

3 kuhli loaches

4 cherry barbs

a pair of cockatoo cichlids

1 A.Nijsseni (would like 3 more)

and 3 female fighters in my tank

Everyone is Very happy and no one bullies anyone smile.gif

now i am upgrading to a 4ft tank which i'd love to turn into a MIXED community tank with some colourful different fish in it... (would love some more cichlids but cant think of any to put in...)

i wouldnt mind something a little bigger as long as its not going to eat anyone...sad.gif

and i'm in victoria so something i have access to would be great:)

thanx guys... your opinions are very welcome:)

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yes rams are nice... i try not to over lap what my partner has so he has german blues ... i went out yesturday and got a pair of gold rams and a male krib... is there anything else i could fit in a 4ft without over crowding..

i have never had luck with gouramis... and too worried to buy more incase i kill them again huh.gif

thanx guys

kel smile.gif

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i find paradise fish are cool little fish with lots of personality. have heard a report of an aggresive one, but mine is certainly no bully and he is in with baby fuellborni, an angel, kuhlis, gouramis etc.

fuellbornis are non-aggressive and can be really friendly (they get to recognise you) and the native rainbow fish are really beautiful too.... don't be fooled by the plain looking silver when they are small, they colour up really nicely (and there are heaps of different colours/types to choose from.... thumb.gif

good luck

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