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what to put in my tank?

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hi guys... i need some opinions smile.gif

i currently have:

2 juli corys

2albino l/f corys

3 kuhli loaches

4 cherry barbs

a pair of cockatoo cichlids

1 A.Nijsseni (would like 3 more)

and 3 female fighters in my tank

Everyone is Very happy and no one bullies anyone smile.gif

now i am upgrading to a 4ft tank which i'd love to turn into a MIXED community tank with some colourful different fish in it...

i wouldnt mind something a little bigger as long as its not going to eat anyone...sad.gif

and i'm in victoria so something i have access to would be great:)

thanx guys... your opinions are very welcome thumb.gif


kel smile.gif

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Just increase the number of of fish you have of the same species. Cory's, and cherry barbs love to live in numbers. Watch those female fighters in there though, they are often as nasty as the males and may not get along with the cockatoos or each other. But you would be the better judge of that considering it's your tank thumb.gif . Maybe put in a couple of angels or a school of tetras or rasboras. Copper Rasboras are very active and would be my personal choice out of rasboras. For tetras you could maybe go some black neons, or regular neons or spend a bit more and get some cardinals. Just some ideas to work with smile.gif.

Anthony cool.gif

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I wouldn't put in any angels - they get very big, and very aggressive, very quickly!

Maybe some Australian Rainbows? They get to be a couple of inches long, look very preety, are peaceful, and won't eat anything else. A school can look very nice in a larger tank. There are many different types too, so you should check them out.

Re: female fighters, why not put a male in? I have kept pairs in community tanks in the past, and never had any problems - I think they are overlooked as a community fish, but very wonderful!


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