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Eggs! Eggs! What the..


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Please help to identify these eggs..Is it my peppermints or my guppies?

Anyway, while I was cleaning my tank, I noticed around 20-30 eggs scattered in different areas of the tank floor.

Here are some photos of the eggs

http://au.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/wildcaught/album?.dir=/9c2c scratch.gif

Base on the size of the eggs, I can only assume it's my peppermints (I hope) zipit.gif

Should I leave the rest of the eggs untouch and hope one of the male will take the eggs to the log? Should I separate the eggs? Do u think these eggs are fertilised?

Oops!! got too excited..Mods, pls move post to Catfish Corner thumb.gif

Thanks in advance.


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