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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Craig (cobaltcraig)


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Thanks duck and catcher for the kind words thumb.gif

Thanks Sarah also for the kind words and yes i got a nice 4x2x2

for my birthday cool.gif


yep I had to keep it quite after hearing your experience in the states recently with the teenagers giving up there seat for your poor old soul how could i say i was getting any older myself woot.gifLOL.gif



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I said when I told you that story that I knew it would come back to bite me. I just didn't expect to happen so soon. The story did come back to bite me and so can you! LOL.gifLOL.gifLOL.gif

By the way, I also told you that today is my mum's birthday! What a coincidence another old woman celebrating today! woot.gif

Happy birthday! XXX

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