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Cobalts in a hap tank?


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Hi all,

Quick question, would a couple of Cobalts cause drama in a haps and peacock tank if they are smaller than the current residents? They would be the only Mbuna in a display 6x2x2?


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hiya glenn

currently at my parents place they have a 6x2x2 display tank. the fish in there are either excess males or males I have acquired for them.

current inhabitants

6 rostratus 15-20cm

3 venustus 18-24cm

3 livingstoni 18-20cm

1 polystigma 17cm

1 fuscotaeniatus 15cm

2 cobalts 1 @12cm 1 @14cm

1 e yellow @16cm

1 maingano @ 12cm

2 kadangas @ 15cm

2 redempress @ 17cm

5 cuckoos

3 bristlenose males 15cm

they have not lost a fish in there for months and they all get on well. its a lot of fish for the tank, but that helps with minimising aggression.

so yes you can have cobalts in with haps wink.gif

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