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Bolivian Butterfly - breeding.

Luke Austin

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Hey there,

I have a few bolivians in a 4fter and as you prob know they breed like rebbits! Till now i've just been letting the fry go and by the 3rd day after they hatch they're all gone (as can be expected!).

so now I'm in trouble off mum and she wants me to save some, but I'm not sure as to how to go about it. Should i just get a fry saver thing (I'd rather not)? I'll probably just set up a seperate tank for them but how should i get them out of the 4fter? Should i get them before they hatch? just after or what?

any help would be much appreciated,

cheers, Luke.

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Definitely try moving the breeding pair before they spawn.

Setting up a breeding tank will let you check out any parenting behaviour and hopefully you wil get a few fry to survive. Your mum will be surprised how interesting two fish in a tank by themselves can be!

Good luck thumbsupsmileyanim.gif


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