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Flavus breeding


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i bought a male and a female flavus they are wild cought they are about 10 cm

i put them in a 4 foot tank they are doing fine at the moment but there was some wierd behaviour one of them turned black and started to spin around the othere one it was doing the same dance all day finally the female went in one of the caves and it let him come near her

dose that mean that they are breeding or is there some thing other

what should i do if they have breed and what do i feed them '

any information is appreciated


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Wild Caught? dry.gif

I'd double check that. rolleyes.gif

Flavus are notoriously agressive (similar to demasoni), but will do fine in colonies of a single male to several females if you have lots of rocks, or no rocks at all.

You can have 2 or 3 males if there are lots of rocks piled up to enable a harassed male to hide. A single female will likely end up on the wrong end of a beating as well ohmy.gif

Feed them same as most mbuna - lots of vege pellets and good quality flake.

Same as breeding, they will be the same as all other mouthbrooding mbuna.

I'm not too sure why you'd buy a single pair, but you really need more girls.....

.....and research the fish first before buying them next time. wink.gif

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Yep..have to agree with all that Andy has just said. I bought a group of 10 from him and a group of 6 from another source. There is only one coloured male showing out and he is relentless with his pursuit of all other fish in the group. My tank is quite well rocked and they breed well in this set-up.

merjo smile.gif

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