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Bloated Red Hump

The King

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I'd say it has 'bloat' caused by incorrect or inappropriate diet for fish. I have a Melanochromis Johani who is fat, not so much in the stomach but all over. Has been for ages. In a community tank I cant just feed vegetable matter which is what he really needs. Is just the stomach region swollen and if so have you tried not feeding it for a few days and seeing if it goes down? If it does I would say it's definately bloat.

Thing is you cant buy treatment for it specifically anymore I believe (I've tried). Clout and Furan are gone (does anyone know if/where we can still get some?) blink.gif

Find out what it's diet should be and feed it accordingly.


btw......Red Hump...what species is that....I have never heard of it tongue.gif

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