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Whats the best fish to breed?


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Hey people Ive found Electric Yellows and Hongis pretty easy to breed. Unfortunately when you have approx 60 breeding fish you tend to get a lot of fry.

A lot of fry that nobody wants including me...

What high end fish would I be able to buy and breed then be able to actually sell the babies off at a reasonable price?

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Orange spotted or peppermint Bristlenose.

There is always a market for them, and they sell at great prices for the seller. Although it can be hard to get adult breeders, it would be better to invest in a few young ones and grow them up to breeding size.


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Here's a few species that hold their value:

Less expensive species:

Neolamprologus multifasciatus

Neolamprologus brevis

Nelamprologus ocellatus

More expensive species:

Altolamprologus spp.

Frontosa (have two nice adult males if anyone's interested LOL)

I'm sure there are malawi equivalents - but I cant think of them :D! Perhaps C. moorii, C. azuereus, D. compressiceps??


Parrots, Geophagines.

Avoid: picky and or subtley coloured tangs or dwarf americans (ie: gobies, Tropheus etc)... while these fish definately hold their value they are hard to sell as the only folks who want them tend to be specialist cichlid hobbyists. Sadly I'm quite partial to these harder to sell groups :D!

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I agree with David, if you do want to go with Americans, Eartheaters are the way to go. Red humps (Geophagus steindachneri), gmynogeophagus balzani and green horse face maybe be hard to get initially, but they sell really well.

Uaru are pretty cool. thumb.gif Also consider Nandopsis umbriferum. woot.gif

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