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Rocks: Make your own (002)


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Hi all

I find it really difficult to vacuum my gravel each week with all the rocks and so on that i have in the tank. Because it's a small tank, I usually just end up removing all the rocks and puting them back.

The problem this causes is that the rocks invariably never go back in the way they come out and this upsets the fish for a while and they seem to not eat for two or three days after I have changed the water/vacuummed the gravel.

I was wanting to construct a lightweight cave and rock structure out of poly pipe and some sort of adhesive but wanted it to look as natural as possible. This will mean that I just have to pull out one thing each week to clean the tank and will make my life infinitely easier.

That's a lot of background for a simple question so sorry about all that but here it is. Has anybody else done something like this and if so, how did you make it look natural. Would an expanding filler like "Selleys No More Big Gaps" be toxic for the fish, especially if the started picking algae off it?



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check out this post, should provide some ideas. Although I wouldn't use the Boral cemet. IMO carve out a lump of polystyrene, heat it with a heat gun to smooth it and put a crisp shell on, silicon it to a heavy piece of flat slate, so it won't float. Then cover in silicon ( aquarium safe of course) and cover in a thick layer of sand or other fine substrate.

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