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Glossary of Terms (Sticky post)


Should we have a sticky post with a Glossary of Terms  

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Feel free to comment. Just too many requests for sticky posts to be ignored of late. Let's see what the admin, mods and members think.

This is a Glossary for fish terms by the way. I just couldn't edit the poll afterwards sad.gif



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I also reckon we should have a article section that has water parameters, Deseases ( i think this was suggested) and other stuff on getting into cichlids. maybe some profiles like perth has aswell.

I know there was suggestion of a beginners forum. But why not a section that contains articles on fish keeping. There should be enough ppl around these forums to write up articles.


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Josh all that is on www.sydneycichlid.com Unfortunately the 2 grew so big that they had to seperate in order to be managed. At least thats how I'm telling it. I think we should have more prominant linkage to the old homepage - I am sure dave wouldn't mind laugh.gif

ps. www.sydneycichlid.com - still my homepage thumb.gif old habits woot.gif

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