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Blue acara dead


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ok, just found one of my blue acara's dead, was eating fine this morning & otherwise seeemed fine.

no real damage externally, it and it's pal used to defend a mangrove root from the larger synspilum in the same tank but the lack of damage wound not imply the synspil killed it.

of note, the it's gills are whitey pink & thick/chunky and it's abdomen is inflated.

I'm testing water & performing a water change now to be safe, the other fish are all huddled together wierdly at the bottom of the tank.

Any idea's on the gills? last water change was 5 days ago, no odd behaviour at all prior this.

I'll report back with tank perameters.


A worried Ash

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ok the water perameters are...

29degC (heaters off, this is NQ)

PH 7.6

Ammonia 0

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 5ppm

The filter is a trickle so in theory the oxygen level in the water should be ok, none of the fish are gasping, infact they are acting as per normal now.

any ideas what I could be looking at? the fish was about 5" TL

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That sucks dude....

I'm no expert ash but I would guess that 'gills are whitey pink & thick/chunky and it's abdomen is inflated.' should be your strarting point following testing of basic water parameters. Your water seems fine. Have you tried googling these symptoms? You might find somewhere that can shed some light on what happened. I have not experienced what you describe in my tanks (yet), so I cannot comment really.

Good Luck......if you find out what happened let us all know so we can hopefully avoid an outbreak in our tanks


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well, nothing else died so maybe it's a one of. blink.gif

Apparenlty toxins in the water (ammonia/chlorine/chloromine/pest spray) can give the chunky white gills, but with no other fish appearing affected, I'm stumped.

Maybe there was something in the water & the water change saved the rest of them, I'd sure like to know though.

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