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Breeding Bristlenose


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I picked up a pair of Bristlenose at the meeting, the male is around 8/9cm and female around 6/7cm. I want to set up a new tank for them just need advice on which size is best suitable for the species tank.

Cheers, any other info will be helpful as I haven't bred them before.


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how much room have you got?

any tank will do

biger is better, best to have tank mates who will not eat the fry

moving bubs and dad somtimes stops em breeding

my firs batch was about two weeks ago

a big old girl who i thought would never breed

over 100 bubs wub.gif

so when they start you may need a biger tank laugh.gif

try to get two that are not bro and sis

if they are just swap one at the LFS

best to have different blood

god luck

the catfish section is down the page a bit laugh.gif


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Have a cruise around in "Catfish Corner", there is a stack of info there fore some one new to bristles.

Then click on the link in the sticky at the top and check out Auscat, there are over 1,300 articles on just catfish there.

If you still have doubts or questions we will see what we can do for you


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