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4ft planted semi native tank


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Nice tank ! clap.gif

I see why you call it "Semi-native" laugh.gif the only natives i can see are the trifasciatas.

The boesmani are great though woot.gif

Some females would help bring out more colour in the male 'bows.

Unless there are some hiding i can't see ?



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Didnt notice the shoal of SAE Andy? LOL.gif

Of course ! smile.gif

I was under the impression they were native to Siam ? wink.gif

If that's what you meant ? blink.gif

Or was it just that i didn't comment on them ?

They are nice. Good size and condition on 'em ! thumb.gif


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No co2 injection......i put diy ferilizer in the the tank and thats pretty much it. Although i have 2 light globes (diff spectrum) but the other was only put on recently.

The fish don't nibble on the plants.

I dunno about the algae... i get some...maybe less light ??? ....or maybe the uv sterilizer gets rid of it??

Thanks for the comments

cheers thumb.gif

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