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My Marine Tank


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thanks all

the tank is a 4x18x18 with inbuilt trickle filter system, has a protein skimmer and the tank is provided with 2 lights one for the coral which is blue and the other is a white light forgot the brand names of the lights sorry.

I have had this tank for a few years now and the tang has been there for a while i forgot his scientific name blink.gif

i only have 3 fish in the tank because i want to maintain a coral tank.

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Cool. it's looking good.

The photos look a touch yellow (not a critisism!), and i think it's cause of the day light you have in there. when it comes time to replace that globe, i'd recommend you get a triphosphor globe for it instead. i think they're only $8 for NEC brand from bunnings. That's just a more "white" day light, and with an actinic (which i'm guessing is the the blue one for your corals) it makes it look that much better.

How are your acros going without Metal Halides? I am only running 2 X actinic 2 X triphosphor globes on my 2 foot nano (only 30cm deep) and i didn't think hard corals will survive with that little amount of life, but yours appear to be goig great guns.

If you ever want to offload, or even frag that red bubble looking coral - call me!

Also, what are you using for your cleanup crew?

Looks ace tho mate. very nice tank.


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Very nice woot.gifclap.gif

I love the Tang, and the orange ........... thing........ in the 3rd last pic. woot.gif what is it ?

I'm not up on marine things. blush.gif

I'd take a guess at what it is but i'd probably embarrass myself laugh.gif



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