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Worse than losing a fish


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My oldest fish, the only one with a name, my synspillium Fred, who turned out to be a girl recently died.

The only possible thing that could make this worse was that she had one of my spare alb zebra males down her throat. I assume she choked to death.

You may be wondering why i had them in together, but they have been fine for over a month, she and 8 other synspilliums were about to go into their new tank, but Freds gone now

Had to tell some ppl about my loss sadsmiley02.gif Wat a bugger.


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Guest chris convict

: sadsmiley02.gif sorry to hear of your loss know what it,s like to lose a favourite .lost my texas cichlid last week george w he was the real character out of all of my fish. take care .

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