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Hi Mark

I am pretty keen as well. When do you need the money? hopefully I will make it to the NSWCS meeting the weekend. I am in Canberra so will that cause to many problems


Andrew Ross

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Hi Andrew

My Sister is in Monash if you want to drop it there that would be fine by me.

Hi Ben

Do you still have my account details?

My list so far (2005)

1/ Cichlids_au Paid

2/ The Cichlid Man aka Ben

3/ Loko aka Noel Paid

4/ Little Swimmer aka Josh Paid

5/ NSWCS Library Paid

6/ NSWCS Donation from Cichlid Press Australia

7/ RPS13X Paid

8/ Adrian09 Paid

9/ YeW Paid

10/ Tommi Paid

11/ oracle Paid

12/ Ducksta Paid

13/ sez ianchello Paid

14/ Anita_Ozfish Paid

15/ juneau95

16/ Wayne from Xtreme

17/ Leeren Paid

18/ Colfish Paid

19/ paparossco Paid

20/ 3eyedfish Paid

21/ Peter_Gun_Riff

22/ Canberra Alex Paid

23/ Cichlid_KB Paid

Last years list (2004)

1/ Cichlids_au

2/ Anita_Ozfish

3/ Link to Hell

4/ Colfish

5/ Taz

6/ Ben

7/ Auscanuckafishy

8/ Loco

9/ shark biscuit

10/ Beagly

11/ The Cichlid Man

12/ YeW

13/ oracle

14/ Jeff Kemp

15/ Vanessa the Venustas

16/ Emp1re

17/ chorrylan

18/ Wayne from Xtreme

19/ Richard

20/ Little Swimmer

21/ NSWCS Library

22/ NSWCS Donation from Cichlid Press Australia

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Laurie and I did not make it last night but I am still keen get the magazine. So If you could PM me your account details and what to do I will deposit the cash in your bank account early next week if that is is not too late.



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The January 2005 edition has just arrived. I will post to those that have paid for postage and everyone else can pick up at the next NSWCS meeting.

I still have a few copies from last year.

Taz July & October

Richard July & October

Link to Hell October

Ben October

Auscanuckafishy October

Loko October

Jeff Kemp October

Everyone else from the 2004 subs should have received all 4 copies.

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