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I had to fix a blower that had already been pulled apart. It needed new bearing and a new capacitor. I would like an electrician to have a look at the photo and make sure I have put the wiring back the right way. Any help would be appreciated.

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hi nigel

im an electriciain but its been about ten years since ive worked on single phase cap start motors.it looks ok but that green wire coming out of the motor thats connected to the positive from the incoming lead doesnt look right as green normally represents earth.but like i said its been ages for these little motors. on thinking more there is two windings in a single phase motor one for start the other for run so dissregard what i said about that green wire from the internals i think that if u had them the wrong way it could either burn out or just not run.hey get a three phase one then i could be of more help.sorry mate.if in doubt turn it on and off really quick,if it goes your laughin if not, back to taking it to someone but that would be your best bet anyway,might cost a few dollars but better safe than sorry anyway like old mate said next time before shots would be handy or write the terminations down then you got no probs

sorry cant be more help

c ya


if you dont need it till later in the week i will take a copy of the photo into work and get a second spark to have look as he finished his apprenticeship 18 months ago so this stuff will be fresh in his mind so to speak

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From what me and one of the guys here at work can see (1 electrician, 1 electronics tech) it is wired incorrectly.

The capacitor should be wired across Active (brown) and Neutral (blue). From what we can see you have neutral wired correctly but the capacitor is not wired to active.

Obviously most motors are different. The capacitor could also be used for the start coil. Without knowing what sort of start circuit it uses and what colour wire is what it is hard to determine.

Your best bet would be to take it to an electrician that specialises in motors - to be on the safe side wink.gif

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