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Water Pump Size?


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I am happy to say I have made a stand to house 2 x 3 foot tanks and a sump

(sump at the bottom and one tank above the other.)

Anyhow, I need some help. What sort of water flow should I be wanting and what pump would people recommend?

The top height is about 2 metres - maybe a little more...

Any help would be greatly appreciated. smile.gif


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twice an hr aint enough, aim for more like 5 times.

I'd say around a 2000lph @ 0 head height pump will roughly work out ok. (say 1200lph @ 2m, thats 4 times the ~300)

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what sort of drainage mechanism do you have from the tanks back to the sump?

what sort of environment is the rack set up in? (fishroom,garage,family room,unda-tha-stairs,bedroom,lounge, dog kennel?)

what size sump do you have?

The general rule is the more turnover the better but I find I then need to wind it back to match the limiting factor which is usually a function of the three points above.

I'd think a 2000 l/h sump would be about right for a pair of 3-footers as long as you can manage the drainage etc.

btw: I have a spare 2100 l/h pump sitting around at the moment you're welcome to borrow to test things out if you like. Nothing smaller or larger for comparison though.


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*chorrylan* (Laurie)

The drainage is done through drilled bulkheads/tank-passes which drain through 25 mm pvc.

The tanks are in the garage (wish they were allowed to be in the house though dry.gif ).

The sump - well, that is another topic all together. it is one of my own creation which needs to be remade because it is crap LOL.gif But for now it works...

If I could borrow that 2100 L/H pump for a test that would be awesome, and when I come over to grab it you can give me a tour of the new fish room smile.gif

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What no one has mentioned here is how high are you going to pump the water. The problem with pumps is the higher you pump them the less the flow rate. So its not the pumps volume put the head hight you need to consider.

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Thanks Nigel.

I am guessing with Head Height/Tank Height that there is no real reason if it is 2.5m off the ground to get a pump that can handle say 6m? Over kill is bad??

I'm just trying to work this out - a bit tricky for someone new to re-circ tanks like my self smile.gif

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