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The Pet Expo


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G'day all,

I saw a big add in sundays paper for the pet expo at rosehill racecourse next weekend. It's supposed to have a big fish component with live stock and all the new gizmo's. Has anyone been to one before and is it worthwhile or just good advertising?


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smile.gif Hi

I went last year as I am a Discus keeper as well.

Mostly Discus on display and some "bargains" to be had, not cheap to get in i think $20 entry?

They had some African tanks and also reptiles.

Definately worthwhile if you are into Discus! rolleyes.gif


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Mini review:

Me and my misses went. I negotiated the trip as she loves dogs laugh.gif There was a good discus display with individual fish in individual tanks. No real 'display' tank. There was a marine display tank. It looked nice but very new (as you might expect). Some great looking discus (specially the winners in each category). That said, the fish section was only a very very small part of the show. It was mainly dog stuff.

I'm not a huge dog guy but the dog displays were excellent. We spent most of the day just watching the main stage (also spent some time looking at the second stage with Dr Harry. He was great. He had kids on the stage but he was very professional and used scientific jargon/names all the time. He was showing how to diagnose a dog. Heat, temperature (the proper dog way, poor kid).

The main stage had dog obedience, dog olympics etc etc. It was fantastic to watch. Some of the dogs were awsome, some of them were hopeless yet very funny. The owners/trainers were having as much fun as the dogs and the audience.

Cost 14 bucks. I reckon for such a lot of sponsored space it was too pricey but we had a great day and it was good value in the end. Not much fish but a great time anyway.

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