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Saltwater fish (d/l warning)


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I think [correct me if i'm wrong Andy tongue.gif] that the "World's Largest Aquarium" is the ocean laugh.gifwink.gif

Pic 1 - Smooth Boxfish

Pic 2 - Kelpfish

Pic 3 - Truncate Coralfish

Pics 4 & 5 - Cuttlefish of some species

Pic 6 - Fan-bellied Leatherjacket

Pic 7 - Wrasse of some species, not sure on this one.

Pics 8 & 9 - Octopus of some species

Sorry, i had my Saltwater Fish book right next to me and i couldn't resist.

Great Shots, Andy !!

Looking forward to more. thumb.gif




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Yeah there must have been 20 pairs of cuttles there yesterday.

I'm still far from a naming expert, but DM was pretty close.

I think pic 2 is a southern carp (could be wrong)

Pic 7 is a lunar wrasse (or moon wrasse it's called as well I think)

pic 8 & 9 is a gloomy octopus I think (scientific name is tetricus or something)

The location was Swansea Bridge wink.gif

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