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Tropheus people


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Hello all .

Just after a few comments from experienced people!

In your opinion is it better to leave a holding female in with the colony....

or to to remove her from the colony ? There seems to be differing opinions

on this subject.

Cheers Kevin

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Hey hey,

I can only tell you what has worked for me.

I have Chipimbi, Kaiser II's and the obligatory duboisi 'Maswa".

Tank size no smaller than a 4x18x18 but best breeding occuring in a 5x2x2 smile.gif

I have never removed a holding female nor have I stripped this species. My colonies all started at 10-12 fish and once mature and breeding - at best have grown to over 60 fish in a one year period.

The tanks provide the cover needed for the fry,as there is floor to top rock shelving, but also provide some groups of pebbles on the substrate where smaller fish can hide.

I have found the adults not predatory of their own but they can harrass incessantly. dry.gif the fry are also held for quite a while and mum can lose some condition but these guys also feed whilst holding so obtain sufficient sustenance during these times. They are released at 1-1.5cm so are already a fair size and seem to blend into the main colony quite quickly smile.gif .

Others will have their own thoughts and experiences and as with all things take on board what you feel makes sense and works within your setups.



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Aline.....Thanx for that.... i have some maswa and moliro holding at the moment >

Breeding Tropheus is new to me so i appreciate advice from guys who have been there.

My fish are in 5x18x18 s .........single specie tanks and i was planning on leaving them in there to spit the fry .

Without a doubt ,i think they are the most fascinating species i have kept .

Again .thanx for your experience. thumb.gif


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I agree entirely with Aline, that if you want to expand your own colony leaving the mums to spit it the tank is best...I would offer one "but" to that tho.

If you have not already set the tank up with small piles of rubble(or other sufficient spitting areas) for the females and fry it may be worth considering isolating the female in a large Floaty(with rocks and air-stone).

I have found that some females can take a very long time to be comfortable spitting the fry if the rubble is added after they have been holding a week or so. So long that it is almost painfull to look at the Mum's who's mouths are so full you can see their red-gills when looking at them in profile. sadsmiley02.gif

I have tried Stripping(wouldn't recommend it for anyone but the High-Production breeder & even then there are special requirements that are not needed with Malawi Mouth-brooders eggs in tumblers, IME), Floaty's(worked great once I added rocks for the Mum's and fry) & natural release.

Provided with enough cover Natural Release wins hands-down with this Genus. clap.gif

I have seen fry, soon after release, swim into any mouth going past which is heart-breaking to watch blink.gif but not uncommon from speaking to other Tropheus owners. No big deal but something you should be aware of in your considerations.


p.s. Not sure if I qualify as "experienced" Tiger...but that's what I have observed in my short time in the hobby. thumb.gif

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Thank you all for the replies .

You all have confirmed what i planed to do ......i will try without the fry saver this time and see what happens .

i am very hesitant to take a female out ,,because of the worry of reintroducing her .

Again ....thanx guys

Ps ....Maz ....that sounds like very experienced advice to me thumb.gif

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Hi Tiger,

I don't profess to be a breeder but i found stripping my females at 21 days does give higher fry yields. If u r not fussed then let them release naturally. It all depends on your tank size, no. of hiding places and tank population.

I have a 4 by 2 by 2 with 60 Moliros and i noticed two 1.5cm free swimming fry hiding in the rocks and coming out for a feed. Then a few days later they were nowhere to be found. I checked all the filters and removed all the rockwork but could not find them. They were most likely eaten by my gibbiceps i kept in the tank with them (these i have since sold!). So i have decided since to strip them eventhough it is a big pain in the neck catching the damn fish!

Also i found returning the female straight away to the colony didn't cause any aggression at all!

In the end do what u r most comfortable with!


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