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Aquariums in Australia

Willy Wombat

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I really enjoy going to see commercial aquariums!

Im thinking about going on an aquarium pilgramige in the new year. I want to plan out my trip so i was hoping you guys could please let me know of any commercial display aquariums in your area. I have started a list. Feel free to add to it by posting, and i will update the list as a reference. If there are any zoos that have good aquatic animal or reptile displays i would be interested. Just indicate if it is a zoo or not and if it is reptiles (use "reptiles" in brackets).





1. National zoo and aquarium


1. Sydeny aquarium (Darling harbour)

2. Ocean world - Manly aquarium


1. Underwater world (Maloolabar)

2. Reef HQ - Townsville aquarium

3. Reef world aquarium and shark swim - Hervey bay




1. AQWA - aquarium of WA




1. Melbourne aquarium



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Don't forget Seaworld on the Gold Coast, and you can snorkel with sharks. Of course they aren't the dangerous ones sadsmiley02.gif

Also in Sydney Taronga Zoo usually has some decent reptiles about.

On the Central Coast (between Sydney and Newcastle) is the Australian Reptile Park, which has some reptile exhibits thumb.gif

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If you'd be looking for a local in each area to show you around (like all the LFS as well) I'll put my hand up for Townsville.



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3. Reef world aquarium and shark swim - Hervey bay

Just grab your flippers and snorkel and head on out to the little reefy area just off the beach along the Esplanade.

You'll be swimming with the sharks (no joke) and there's heaps of little reef fish and stuff to look at !

No Admission fee laugh.gif

While you're in Hervey Bay, have a look at the "Vic Hislop Shark Show" on Elizabeth street. Interesting stuff.

Make sure you do this after you've been for a dip, or else you'll never enter the water again.

There's also that "Australia Zoo" place of Steve Irwin's.

I think it's still there... not sure. Stacks of reptiles there though.

I held my first Broadshelled tortoise there, and the rotten thing bit me.

Watch out for babies at croc feeding time though.

I can't quite remember the name of the place where it is though.... QLD somewhere..... I think it was a name starting with "Beer" LOL.

I only know it from a stop on the way to Hervey Bay a few years back.


(Sorry, not terribly helpful, i know, but couldn't resist)

Edit - The place is called Beerwah.

Here's the website.

Australia Zoo

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Willy Perth also has the Armadale reptile Park which is definately worth a look.

From memory there was a reptile park near Ballaarat in Victoria too (although it was a few years ago and it may have stopped operations). I always loved the Healesville Sanctuary in Victoria too..they had a great collection of snakes in particular. They also did "snake presentations" throughout the day. The whole park is definately worth a visit!

merjo smile.gif

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1. There was a little zoo/reptile park near Proserpine/Airlie Beach.

Even if it's not there anymore, the Whitsunday Islands themselves are definitely worth a visit.

2. Some friends of mine have just returned from (I think) Coffs Harbour, where there was a dolphin and/or seal swim.

3. Dubbo Zoo is a pretty good zoo, don't know about fish though.

Cheers, Paul.

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My GF and i recently went over to WA.

about 1-2 hours drive south is a town called Busselton. In busselton it has the largest jetty in Australia.....possibly the southern hemisphere. It is like 2km's long.

It is one of the lowest places (latitude) in the world where coral grows. Apparently they get quite warm currents over there.

Anyway at the end of the jetty is an underwater world. It is meant to be great. When we were there the jetty was closed for renovations or somethng......still annoys me that we missed it.

Busselton is a great place anyway.....worth having a look.


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