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fish getting spooked!


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Hi all,

Ok... my tanks are in my garage, whenever they see me they swim away and get spooked and dart under the rocks!.... when the lights go on and i come near thats when it happens but when the lights are off and they still see, the same things happen... and no its not because im ugly they are scared tongue.gif

any advice is appreciated

cheers to all who replie thumb.gif

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Do you have backgrounds on the tanks? Is it usually dark in there? Do you always turn on the light as soon as you walk in the garage? Is there frequently loud music played around the tanks or do you live next door to someone noisy? These are all things that could help understand why your fish are so timid smile.gif

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I get the same thing on mine but it tends to be more when the room light is on only and not the lights above the tank. I have tried a few things to see what changes there reaction.

- Dont overfeed. They tend to come around more when they are ignored by the hand that feeds them .

- Spend more time with them. I find that my house tanks are not skittish as people are just popping up on them continuously and they get used to it. So I try and give as much time in the garage as possible just sitting in front of the tanks or actively working down there.

- Another thought that I am yet to experiment on. My friend had his setup against one wall. Now he has moved it into a room with tanks in front of tanks. The fish can now see other fish all day and are not skittish at all with this configuration compared to before.

- Finally, try adding a fish that you dont find skittish into a group that are. I put a Male peacock in with my worst offenders.. a group of Cobolts. The Peacock would come for a feed when it was offered and the cobolts over a period of two weeks are doing the same now. Before this I could put food into the tanks and they wouldnt eat while I was there.

Just my 2c worth!

Cheers! Folkner

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hi guys

Thanks for the replies,

BlakeyBoyR, yes i do have background on the tank, yes it is usually dark in there, yes i do always turn the light on in there, no i dont listen to loud music and no my neighbours dont play loud music.

the only fish in the tank is the 1m 1f e.yellows and one litte tetra blush.gif

Folkner, i feed them only a bit but they always only seem to eat when i go away,

i spend time with them alot! usually for like 1 hour in the mornign jsut sitting there watching them and also in the afternoon or night.

there is a tank on the bottom of it with fish but i dont think they can notice it, also there is one tank on the side of the e.yellwo tank but has no fish in it atm.

liek i said i have a tetra in there that swims all around all the time and is not scared.

sometimes i can stand far away and watch but thats rarely because they always see me lol

Anyone know of any other fish i could put in there that are skittish?

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I think the problem is only having 2 electic yellows in there. I find the more fish you have the less shy they are. Also the electric yellows are mbuna so they naturally hide in caves etc. U could try putting a few more open swimming fish in there, or even a couple more yellows. HTH


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If it is always dark in there and when you go in, you turn a light on, thats a possibility for why they might be freaking out. They might not be running from you, more the light. Also, I agree, more fish tends to make them less skitish!

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