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calvus growth


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i have some about 10mths old and 4-5cm, is that normal? Feeding flake daily and frozen bloodworm every 2-3 days. I finally found a brand of pellets that they will eat when hungry enough. How long till full size? At this rate it'll be about 3 yrs.


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If you spawned them yourself and they are 4-5cm in 10 months you are doing well.

They do grow quite slowly and it takes a lot of persistence and patience. To ensure they grow as fast as they can grow make sure the water is always clean, feed them a good combination of live food, frozen and prepared food - common sense stuff.

They can breed after about 18 mths and it is extremely rewarding to finally get a spawn, so hang in there.



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Guest african-au

hi glenn 4-5 cm in 10 months is preety good

feeding live brine-shrimp would have your fry slightly bigger in 10 months

but all the same its great growth for flake & frozen foods!

a good combo of foods & clean water will acheive excellent results

as parkesg said 18months they are ready to spawn!



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