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Green water in my Tank?


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Hi All,

My 4ft tank's water has turned greenish, light greenish.

it makes the water look less clearer,

I dont know where it came from?

The Tank has tons of rocks and thats all there is Rocks, Rocks and more Rocks.

Is it Algae? i see no algae on the rocks...

What do i need to do? waterchange?

any help is fully appreciated.. cheers Daniel

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just check that theres no algae growing on the cover glass under the light , gives the effect of green water,if thats ok try turnig off the lights and covering the tank for 48 hrs or even better buy or borrow a uv steriliser. when you do manage to clear the water look into your water management ie water changes, over feeding? natural sunlight falling on tank(good but not too much)

good luck

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I think you have some form of algeal bloom. I have had them on and off for 12 months in 2 4' tanks. After alot of work I have successfully removed it from one 4' tank but not the other. I would check phosphates and ammonia levels as I had high phosphate levels in the tanks that I now believe was the main cause of the continuation of the bloom. I did try a UV steriliser and it worked really well and quickly but once I removed it the bloom came back with avengence. I reckon that is was because I had not fixed the problem just hidden it. So I heavily planted the tank and cleaned the substrate over a 2 week period and it cleared up virtually overnight and has remained clear for several months now (touch wood).

The second tank is a mystery as I have done the same on this tank with limited success. I started to make some headway on it when I added a product (I think it was called clear water or something like that) that allegiately joins really fine algeal particles together so the filter can start pick it up. This stuff has been working as the filter wool is really green and slimely within 3-4 days of using it, but I still cannot get rid of it. The fish don't mind it as they are still breeding in it but it is unsightly as it is in the lounge room.



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