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one by one ,dead duboisi masawa


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hi guys and gals , today i returned to find another dead tropheus duboisi masawa in the hundred lt tank , with everything running fine ,heater ,filter,air pump .

this one is number ten dead , only six left , they are all around three cm and i have lake salts to buffer the water ,with a once a week twenty to thirty lt water change , also there is one or there was 3cm BN (took him out last night , still one died) and there are three black throat calvus 3cm , two frontosa's about 3 to four cm and five cookoo cats about four cm ,

please help , i am very sad to see them dead when i come home .......


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You definately have an issue with stock levels in such a small tank. With the mix of fish you have in there I suspect you have been feeding proteins to keep the Calvus and Frontosa happy. From this and other reasons related to the stock levels and size of your tank I think your Tropheus have contracted Bloat.

To check if they do, look for the following symptoms of Bloat;

1st stage: spitting food or not interested in food.

2nd stage: white stringy faeces.

Other symptoms to look for are a darker body colour and hiding or being listless.

If they have these symptoms you need to treat straight away or you risk losing the entire colony.

Treat using Metronidazole in the following manner;

1. 250mg per 40 litres each day for 3 days, then do a water change.

2. Repeat if still not eating.

(can repeat a third time if still not eating but need to wait a further 5 days)

Good luck and it must be said that for Tropheus to thrive it is from the advice that I have received that they need to be in large numbers on their own in a big tank.

Once again good luck and Metro is available through prescription from a vet,


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I would observe them and check if it is Bloat, then prepare for treatment, ie work out a plan to get your hands on some Metro. I have read on the net of people helping Bloat stricken fish with water changes but I don't know the merit in this.

Anyone else have any ideas?


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Bloat is one of the hardest fish diseases to treat. U need to be able to recognise it early otherwise the fish will be too far gone and u can lose the entire colony.

What r your water parameters including your ammonia and nitrate levels?

Go visit Auburn Aquariums and ask for Dimetronidazole (water soluble metro). Use 1g per 50L. Treat as per Jamie but give twice daily.

Good Luck!


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