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"My fish are sick...why?", seems to be one of the most common posts going on many Forums. What I don't understand is how people expect anyone on the Net to help when getting details is like pulling teeth. If you went to the Vet with your dog you wouldn't just slap the dog on the counter and say, "Ugg, Dog....Sick!"...would you?? Or go to the doctors and say, "Ugg, pain" without even pointing to the location of the problem...not likely????!

Please give as much info/detail about the tank, conditions, water-perameters, changes in behaviour/eating, fin damage, breeding behaviour, etc, etc, etc...every minor detail may help and it will reduce the time it takes to answer(with accuracy) because there will be little need for the "back & forth" posts, asking question.


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I agree, the members will help as much as they can but you also need to help yourself out by providing as much info as possible.

There is also the Forum FAQ see the site navigation box to the left of this post.

There are posts that have been converted to HTML so that members can gain some insight or at least cross these issues from their list of problems.

Topics in the FAQ cover

Fish Hyperventilating - Oodinium (Velvet)

Fluffy "fungus" on driftwood

Hole in the Head treatment Metronidazole Dose and Usage

Pop Eye

Scratched Eye

Velvet disease?

Worming Fish

Clown Loach White Spot

Preventative Medication

Floating aquarium/pond plants and their noxious status

Algae Problem

Black Hair Algae

If any member feels that a thread should be included in the Forum FAQ, please bring it to my attention.

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perhaps you'd be interested in helping to compile them?
...no perhaps about it YeW but I would fall down on the job like I did when you asked for help with the Species-Profiles. So rather then letting anyone 1 down again I will pass...but thankyou for thinking of me. dry.gifLOL.gif
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