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skinny stomach


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hmmm...are they eating?

Is there anything, in detail, you can tell us so we are not just taking pot-shots with wild guess's that will confuse you more than help you?

Not aimed at "mjc" in particular but, this happens all the time.

"My fish are sick...why?", seems to be one of the most common posts going on many Forums. What I don't understand is how people expect anyone on the Net to help when getting details is like pulling teeth. If you went to the Vet with your dog you wouldn't just slap the dog on the counter and say, "Ugg, Dog....Sick!"...would you?? Or go to the doctors and say, "Ugg, pain" without even pointing to the location of the problem...not likely????!

Please give as much info/detail about the tank, conditions, water-perameters, changes in behaviour/eating, fin damage, breeding behaviour, etc, etc, etc...every minor detail may help and it will reduce the time it takes to answer(with accuracy) because there will be little need for the "back & forth" posts, asking question.


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what colour is its poo?

is it accepting food?

what tank mates?

what is its diet? has the diet changed lately?

what are your water conditions?

does it swim around normally, or just lurk in a corner near the surface or the bottom etc. ?

any other info?

don't worry mjc someone is bound to have a solution!

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hey guys thanks for the replys the fish are doing very well now.

i bought the colony just after the female were milked so shes was abit skinny ..

but after a though meals she is now up for some more breeding! clap.gif

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I know this is kinda from left field. I think there are alot of fish deaths that go unexplained, but alot of these mysterious deaths are due to Tape Worm. People say, my fish is eating like hell but it is still skinny (tel tail sign of worms). What i wanna know is does anyone here ever treat there cichlids for worms? I think that it is probably important to do (although i've only ever wormed discus, so im guilty myself). What are other peoples thaughts?.

Anthony thumb.gif

PS: Sorry for taking over the post, the signs you explained just reminded me of worms. I'm glad your fish came good smile.gif.

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