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OT: problem No.1


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PGR: This is a family forum with a PG rating as you have been told numerous times in the past. Posting video files which come with a warning at the start that 'some images have been deemed unsuitable for young children' is not something which is welcome here.

I understand that you feel strongly about dogfighting, as do most of us, but subjecting us to a bunch of horific images wont make us feel any stronger about the issue.

In my job we are often called on to remove dogs and other animals which have been hit/sliced/mangled by trains, so I have a fairly strong stomach for that kind of thing, yet I could not finish that video.

I have removed the link from your post, and will now lock this thread as I think we have had enough dogfighting threads for a while.

PM me if you need to discuss this further.

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