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Potassium chloride


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Hey all,

i need to add more potassium to my planted tank, and ofcourse the best way is thru pottasium chloride or nitrate.

Now i know that potassium chloride is often sold as a salt substitute in supermarkets, but the thing is it also contains other clorides as well. The ones i have found contain ammonium chloride, Now i know this isnt ammonia as such, but i havent researched the reaction of ammonium chloride in water, so thought maybe it could result in ammonia and an acid, which ofcourse wouldnt be good.

So, does anyone know where i can get pure pottasium chloride, or pottasium nitrate as this will also work as well

Thanx Guys.

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If you are nitrate deficient, then adding potassium nitrate would be fine, otherwise you are just increasing your nitrates and thats not good for the fish.

I use potassium sulfate, which is available from garden centres and bunnings etc. Its very cheap and effective.



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