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Red Forest Jewel laid eggs


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Went home yesterday to find my red jewel guarding the eggs scattered on the clay pot.

The pair is in the 2.5 ft tank, with a couple of bristlenoses (nothing else)

Should I remove the bristlenoses..? Will the BN steal the eggs..? When do I have to move the fry to a separate tank, or do I need to..?

Thanks for the advice, I never had any experience with Red Jewel.



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Mum and Dad will take care of the BN's. I would say that if you had other fish in there with them, they would all be at the other end of the tank. When I had them the parents were agro as. But they don't chase, they just move the other fish along and when they are far enough away they return to the nest site.

I see no reason to move them for a while.

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