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OT: Plastic/perspex laser cutting,


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If you look up plastic fabricators in the yellow pages for your area, the majority of fabricators have CNC machine that will allow any 2D shape to be cut. Laser cutting is not widely used due to the fumes that are given off and EPA requirements are strict.

If you cannot find a fabricator, anyone who supplies perspex/acrylic sheet will be able to help you out.

If the shape you require is not square and is a one off piece be aware that you may have to pay for set up costs including plotting your shape into the computer.



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Andrew, the plastics place on the Highway just south of the River Road turnoff (just down the hill from the bridge about 3 ks north of St George Aquariums) on the East side of the road does plastics and custom cutting.

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The Plastix Centre

ARNCLIFFE & BANKSTOM Perspex Cut To Size, Laser Cutting & Fabrication

192 Princess Hwy Arncliffe NSW 2205

ph: (02) 9599 2499 Plastics--Fabricators

(just up the road from St George Aquariums :-)

They will make that whole windbreak. My car has one built in but it's smoked, which is even better as it helps cut down the glare from headlights.

(I you want to have a go yourself you can get the perspex from bunnings and you can borrow my electric jigsaw.)

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